​​​Dr. Kristine Strauss has experience with adult behavioral health evaluation and treatment. Dr. Strauss has been involved in the development, implementation and participation in specialty/problem solving courts. She has provided sex offender and domestic violence specific evaluations and treatments, court ordered mental health evaluation and individual therapy, restoration to fitness evaluation and treatment, substance use evaluation and outpatient treatment, anger management assessment and treatment, facilitation of parenting classes, and psychological testing. Dr. Strauss also has experience in creating and facilitating psychosocial rehabilitation groups for the chronically mentally ill. Additionally, she has conducted emergency department assessments for behavioral health admissions. Dr. Strauss has provided trainings for clinicians, Illinois public defenders, probation officers, and various officers of the Court.

​Dr. Sergio Grajeda has extensive experience in adult and juvenile forensic evaluation and treatment. Dr. Grajeda has provided sex offender and domestic violence specific evaluations and treatments, evaluation and treatment for sexually reactive children, treatment for survivors of sexual abuse, substance use evaluation and treatment and anger management assessment and treatment. Additionally, Dr. Grajeda has worked in the medical field, both as a practitioner and a social worker. Most recently, he began working with the homeless veterans population and Federal specialty/problem solving courts. Dr. Grajeda has worked for numerous years in the under-served Latino community in the Chicago-land area. 

Current Consultants 

Daniel Prendergast, M.P.A.
Mr. Prendergast has over 15 years of experience working with the forensic population. Mr. Prendergast spent over ten years as an Assistant Coordinator in a northern Illinois States Attorney’s Office for specialty/problem solving courts including Drug Court, Juvenile Drug Court, Mental Health Court and Veterans Court. He has worked with high risk substance use and mentally ill felony offenders. Additionally, while in this role, Mr. Prendergast provided training and education on reducing recidivism and drug use trends to schools and community groups.  Currently, he works in Court Services providing Pre- Sentence Investigation reports to the Court.

Vickie Lewis, BA, CRADC, MISA-I, PCGC
Ms. Lewis is a certified addictions counselor that has worked with both substance use and process addiction populations as an evaluator and treatment provider. She has years of clinical experience with both adult and juvenile addicts in intensive levels of care. Additionally, Ms. Lewis spent several years as a program coordinator working with high risk youth. She is a published article author and has made several television appearances advocating for awareness and effective treatment of addictions. Ms. Lewis has been involved in numerous interventions, provided education on prevention and continually promotes best practices treatment.